Diesel Scissor Lift Platform

Diesel scissor lift platform for sale

DFLIFT diesel scissors lift platform is a new type of scissors lift platform studied by DFLIFT, which is equipped with a unique cross-symmetrical four-wheel drive system with superior traction. With up to 50% scalability, these machines can meet the needs of the most challenging workplace terrain. 
Standard features also include an easy-to-use 1.52 m push-out extended deck that can be protected in multiple locations to increase platform space and improved accessibility.

Diesel scissor lift platform for sale

Rated Loading Capacity:230kg-680kg

Platform height:8m 10m 12m 14m 16m

Type:Diesel engine lift platform

Control voltage:12 V DC

Power supply: diesel engine

Diesel scissor lift platform advantages:
1. high thermal efficiency, fuel consumption is significantly lower than the steam engine power plant.
2. Economical and practical, diesel is relatively low in price compared with similar fuels, so it is easy to be accepted by the public.
To sum up: most of the diesel engines are low-speed, with a rotation speed of about 100 revolutions per minute, which can directly drive the propeller. The fuel consumption of the improved diesel engine power unit has reached the minimum, and the lifting platform can use cheap residue, high reliability, thermal efficiency can be close to 50%.

Diesel scissor lift specifications:Diesel scissor lift specifications

Introduction to DFLIFT diesel scissors lift platform:

1.Completely conquer the complex terrain, maximize productivity:DFLIFT diesel scissors lift platform are four-wheel drive robust vehicle for construction----- the ideal vehicle to boost the productivity in the slab-off outdoor environment. Lifting speed and larger platform are much more competitive. Flexible operation and sufficient loading capacity make the machine quickly arrived at the construction site and get the work done. Maximize your productivity.
2.Speed and traction force:DFLIFT diesel scissors lift platform can easily and quickly move through uneven or rough areas. Equipment with four- wheel drive and positive- traction system can provide 40% grade ability when moving up on a slope.
3.Solid rib tire:Special thick rib tires for aerial work platforms make movement more stable, secure and durable.
4.Self-balancing jack, large loading capacity:450~1000kg loading capacity fully meets the requirement of aircraft maintenance, architecture decoration etc. just pressing the button, you can cope with the uneven ground. The angles of lateral adjustment will less than 5 degree, the angle of forward-backward adjustment will less then 4 degree and you will reach a precise self-balancing.
5.Larger work platform:With maximum 6.57x1.83m of operating platform, GTJN series will be best solution for conditions of move workers, materials and tools.

DFLIFT diesel scissors lift platform

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