Outdoor Scissor Lift Platform

Outdoor scissor lift platform:

DFLIFT outdoor scissor lift platform makes many difficult and dangerous work become easier, the characteristics of this lifting platform is able to cope with all terrain and harsh terrain construction, convenient and fast, can use a lifting platform instead of scaffolding to reach the height you need, to solve your problems. For example, installation and maintenance of street lamps and traffic signs, exterior wall cleaning and indoor cleaning, installation and maintenance of billboards, etc. It also saves you money and precious time. The main features of outdoor scissor lift platform are: the use of personnel can not under the lifting platform can control the mechanical lifting, walking, can control the equipment on the platform to travel to other work places. The device itself has the function of walking and steering drive, without manual traction and external power supply. Outdoor scissor lift platform is an ideal equipment for high altitude operation in modern enterprises with high efficiency and safety. Especially suitable for site, station, dock, airport, power plant, stadium, large enterprises and other large range of aerial work.

outdoor scissor lift platform

Rated load 300 (kg)

Maximum height: 10m

Machine weight: 2880 (kg)

Power supply: battery or diesel electric hydraulic

Lifting time: 35s

Certification:CE ISO9001 SGS

Material:High-duty Steel Structure

Warranty:24 Months

Outdoor scissor lift platform Specifications:




Platform Size (Customized)

Lifting height

















Outdoor diesel scissor lift platform:

outdoor scissor lift platform 1

Outdoor diesel scissor lift platform Specifications:

Rated Loading Capacity:230kg-680kg

Platform height: 8m 10m 12m 14m 16m

Type: Diesel engine lift platform

Control voltage: 12 V DC

Power supply: diesel engine

Outdoor scissor lift platform manufacturer:
Outdoor sor lift platform, cross some barriers or move up or down to do more work; It can rotate 360 degrees and carry a large load on the platform. It can be used for two or more people to work at the same time and can carry certain equipment. Good mobility of lifting platform, convenient to transfer the site; This machine adopts high quality structural steel, single-side welding and double-sided molding process, has imported hydraulic pump station or famous domestic brand hydraulic pump station, Outdoor scissor lift platform is equipped with balance valve, automatic pressure protection and other safety devices, the platform is safe, reliable and durable. Beautiful appearance, suitable for the station, wharf, shopping malls, sports venues, residential properties, factories and mining workshops and other places in a wide range of operations.

1.What the mainly currency DFLIFT  scissor lift platform can accept?
Prices are quoted mostly in US dollars or EURO. All prices are subject to change without notice.

2. Can you introduce the shipment of DFLIFT scissor lift platform?
Shipping charges for all DFLIFT orders are calculated based on the shipping method of the order, the weight or volume of the items on the order, and the destination. We normally can do FOB/CIF/DAP/DDP/DDU terms and also we can send the goods via express or AIR according customer's requirements. All wooden packages can be fumigated at our side and we will provide the official certification if your Customers need.
CIF TERM: DFLIFT will arrange the shipping company and will be in charge to assure the goods shipped to destination port. You will not need to pay the shipping company upon delivery to destination port.
FOB TERM: If you would like your preferred shipping company to pick up your order, simply let us know when you place your order. You will be responsible for paying your shipping company sea freight charges besides your order. DFLIFT only in charge of sending the goods to loading port as agree on order.

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