Stationary scissor lift platform

Stationary scissor lift platform

Stationary scissor lift platform is suitable for the warehouse, workshop and car, container loading and unloading of goods, goods without setting machine, steel, etc., directly from the ground, lifting, loading and unloading, the activities of the professional design strap can smooth lap in automobiles, forklifts, manual hydraulic forklift loading and unloading operation can be conveniently and smoothly, strap torsional spring balance function make the operation easy, homework finished platform and flat on the ground, not occupy space on the ground, does not affect the channel.

stationary scissor lift platform

Rated Loading Capacity: 500kg-40ton

Max. Lifting Height: 6m


Power supply: three-phase alternating current

Table size: specified by customer

Stationary scissor lift platform specification:


Max Platform Height






Lift capacity




Max platform size


Installation space(Pit size)

(Platform Width+300mm)*(Depth+60mm)

Closed height

550mm to 800mm

Access direction

180° through type

Control ways

Platform control, main control box

Surface finishing

Powder coating


Available in Blue, yellow, red, dark color


One 20ft container

Installation type

Pit mounted

Working pressure


Drive mode

Hydraulic cylinder

Control mode

PLC control

Control voltage

24V DC


three-phase alternating current

Foundation requirement

1.      Concrete thickness≥300mm

2.      Concrete strength≥C20 (200Mpa

Stationary scissor car lift platform

Stationary scissor car lift platform is mainly used for 4S shops. It is mainly used for large load, bearing 3-30 tons and lifting height of 1-10 meters. Indoor and outdoor vehicle lifting platform can be installed, which is also known as hydraulic hoist, with high lifting height and side oil cylinder, which has stable operation, low noise, convenient maintenance and long service life.

Stationary scissor car lift platform

Lifting weight: 3500 (kg)

Rise time: 50 (s)

Lifting height: 1750 (mm)

Power supply: 380 (V) 220V 415V

Stationary scissor car lift platform features:

1.Auto lift mechanical unlock, easy to operate;
2.Thin runway design, minimum height 155mm;
3.The oil cylinder is built in the platform;
4.Heavy wire rope pulley or weighted special chain to ensure safety;
5.The inner distance of the runway can be moved to accommodate vehicles with different wheelbases, and the platform can also be used.
6.Automatic insurance during ascent ensures vehicle safety;
7.The runway synchronization device ensures that the vehicle does not overturn during the ascending process.
8.The alarm setting before descending to the ground ensures the safety of operators;
9.Chain or wire rope fracture protection device;
10.Hydraulic system pressure loss explosion protection device.

Stationary scissor car lift platform drawings:

Stationary scissor car lift platform drawings

Stationary double scissor lift platform

Stationary double scissor lift platform

Rated Loading Capacity: 500kg-40ton

Max. Lifting Height: 6m


Power supply: three-phase alternating current

Table size: specified by customer

DFLIFT supplies an Stationary double scissor lift platform

Stationary double sor lift platform works smoothly and Stationary.
Simple and reliable operation, strong structure, easy installation and maintenance, long service life.
Stationary double scissor lift platform sets up an anti-falling and synchronizing device.
According to user requirements, the production of plate, roller, expansion and other forms of table.
Power failure can achieve manual descent, with emergency stop button, convenient, fast and practical.
Stationary double scissor lift platform is mainly used in industrial production lines, warehousing, logistics, shopping malls, stations and wharfs. Wear-resistant composite shaft sleeve and needle roller bearing are used in the main rotating parts, which can reduce the wear between the strut and the strut pin, thus extending the service life of the equipment.

Stationary double scissor lift platform drawings:

Stationary double scissor lift platform drawings

Tilt scissor lift platform

Tilt scissor lift platform

Type of overturned fixed lifting platform:

Rated load: 500kg- 5 ton

Maximum lifting height: 8m

Tilt/cartwheel Angle: 45 degrees

Power supply: three-phase alternating current

Tilt scissor lift platform Control:
1) Electrical up-down control device, or manual control when the electricity Is not available.We can also install the remote control device according to your requirement.
2) The remote control and multi-control points at the different floors could be realized at each control point. Lift up, Stop and Lower down can be realized at each control point.The lift platform could stop at the accurate loaction point

Tilt scissor lift platform Safety:
1) In special circumstance, the machine will use explosion-proof electric equipment.
2) The work table can be  equipped the guardrail to guarantee safety.
3) The lift can be installed hydraulic overload protective device.
4) Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up, to adjust the pressure.
5) Emergency decline valve: it can go down when you meet an emergency or the power off.
6) The machine is equipped single control solenoid valves to prevent the platform dropping if power failure. 

Why did you choose ours stationary scissor lift?

Henan DFLIFT machinery co., LTD is located in xinxiang city, henan province
DFLIFT is dedicated to providing complete solutions for various types of hydraulic lifting platform, loading and unloading platform, storage and logistics handling equipment. Our products are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, chemical enterprises, dangerous goods enterprises, airport logistics, municipal maintenance, building decoration, factory storage and other fields.
The main series includes: SJY mobile aerial working platform, SJZ self-propelled lifting platform, SJG fixed guide rail lifting platform, SJC vehicle-mounted lifting platform, DCQ fixed boarding bridge, DCQY mobile liquid unloading platform, aluminum alloy hydraulic lifting platform, etc.
Since its establishment, DFLIFT has accumulated rich industrial solutions through long-term research, development and improvement of hydraulic lifting platform and loading and unloading platform.

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