Tracked Scissor Lift Platform(Off Road Scissor Lift)

Tracked scissor lift platform(off road scissor lift)

Crawler tracked scissor lift platform makes many difficult and dangerous work become easier, the characteristics of this lifting platform is able to cope with all terrain and harsh terrain construction, convenient and fast, can use a lifting platform instead of scaffolding to reach the height you need, to solve your problems. For example, installation and maintenance of street lamps and traffic signs, exterior wall cleaning and indoor cleaning, installation and maintenance of billboards, etc. It also saves you money and precious time. The main features of self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform are: the use of personnel can not under the lifting platform can control the mechanical lifting, walking, can control the equipment on the platform to travel to other work places. The device itself has the function of walking and steering drive, without manual traction and external power supply. Crawler tracked scissor lift platform is an ideal equipment for high altitude operation in modern enterprises with high efficiency and safety. Especially suitable for site, station, dock, airport, power plant, stadium, large enterprises and other large range of aerial work.

tracked scissor lift platformoff road scissor lift

Rated load 300 (kg)

Maximum height: 10m

Machine weight: 2880 (kg)

Power supply: battery or diesel

Lifting time: 35s

Certification:CE ISO9001 SGS

Material:High-duty Steel Structure

Warranty:24 Months

Tracked scissor lift parameter table:



table size

Overall dimensions

Platform height


Platform overhanging























DFLIFT tracked scissor lift platform special design:
Crawler tracked scissor lift platform is a lifting platform specially designed by our company for high-altitude work in the field complex road conditions. It has a strong ability to adapt to the environment and can be used in the field without power supply and under complex road conditions.
The crawler wheels, aggravating chassis, driven by diesel engine lifting equipment, storage battery do control and lifting power, through the rise and fall control button control to drive the lift platform, can also be made lifting power diesel engine by manual hydraulic lever control lift platform up, down, battery charged by an external power supply or charge by diesel engine driven generator.

Why choose DFLIFT?
1. DFLIFT products are provided with a one-year free warranty. If there is any quality problem, we will bear all the maintenance costs and the back and forth freight.
2. Wearing parts, consumables and man-made faults are not covered by the warranty;
3. DFLIFT all products in our store are provided with lifelong after-sales service. After the warranty period, the products only need to bear the freight and the cost of accessories for maintenance.
4. Logistics description: the products of our store are large items, which are sent by default. Since the freight costs are different in different parts of the country, we need to consult the logistics according to the size of the machine purchased by the customer and the distance of the distance, so the page price does not include the logistics costs.
5. Delivery time: we will check and arrange delivery for you within 72 hours. In case of special circumstances, we will contact you in time to communicate about delivery matters. 

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