1set lifting height is 5m cargo lift to Mauritius


Date: 2020.11 Region: Mauritius Quantity: 1set Specifications: Capacity: 1000kg Lifting height: 5m We received the customer’s inquiry request on August 5, 2020 It has been less than 2 months from the inquiry to the cooperation. The customer originally said that they would wait until 2021 to purchase, but they purchase was advanced. We communicated with each […]


2sets fixed lifting platforms are sent to Peru


Date: 2020.11.5 Region: Peru Quantity: 2sets Specifications: Capacity: 2000kg Lifting height: 1.5m The customer is our old customer. We started our cooperation in 2019 and have cooperated with each other for 4 times up to now. Every month, the customer has a lot of inquiries for products ranging from fixed lifting platform to mobile lifting platform, […]


1set self-propelled lifting platform for shipment to Saudi Arabia


Date: 2020.3 Type: self-propelled scissor lift Capacity: 320kg Lifting height: 10m Quantity: 1set Region: Saudi Arabia In February 2020, we received the first inquiry from customers on the website of DFLIFT. The transaction time of lifting platform is relatively short, and ordinary customers have real demands. Moreover, this customer was very frank. It took less than […]


One mobile scissor lift platform was sent to Pakistan


One mobile scissor lift platform was sent to Pakistan We received the customer’s inquiry in March, but we concluded the deal in August, and the communication time was relatively long. I contacted the client for a long time, but the client didn’t reply. I thought the client’s project had been finished, but in July, the […]

2ton stationary scissor lift

2 sets stationary scissor lift ship to Zambia


2 sets stationary scissor lift ship to Zambia On June 15, 2019, one of our zambian customers purchased two fixed lift platforms from DFLIFT. The communication lasted about 2 months. Customers searched for us on Google’s website, and at first he communicated with a lot of manufacturers, and just what we learned about customers contacted five […]