2 Meter Scissor Lift Platform

2 meter scissor lift platform:

2 meter scissor lift platform also known as hydraulic wheelbarrow, mould elevator car, small mobile lifting platform, is a small lifting machine, mainly used for lifting, retrieving and placing of small valuables in a small scope. The 2 meter scissor lift platform appearance is generous and beautiful, the structure is firm, stable and safe and reliable, the intrinsic performance and the service life has reached the same equipment advanced level. Widely used in logistics transportation, warehouse management, library, supermarket, and general small equipment manufacturing.

2 meter scissor lift platform

2 meter scissor lift parameter:

Rated Loading Capacity: 500kg-40ton

Max. Lifting Height: 1000mm

Type: Electric hydraulic

Power supply: three-phase alternating current

Table size: specified by customer

2 meter scissor lift platform manufacturer:
2 meter scissor lift platform made of high-strength steel, reasonable design structure, safe and stable and reliable, built-in safety valve, fully sealed cylinder, manual control of the hydraulic system rise and fall, easy to operate. 2 meter scissor lift platform with nylon guide wheel to the wheel to save the operator's physical strength, and can protect the load wheel and pallet load wheel. Unique hydraulic pump design, pump simple for the pipeline loading and unloading operation to maintain an ideal height; With unique ergonomic design, the operator can operate comfortably.

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Henan DFLIFT machine co., LTD is mainly engaged in elevator, lift platform, climbing trolley, guide rail type lift platform, shear fork lift platform, stationary dock leveler, stationary lift platform, mobile climbing trolley, lift platform, and other products, is one of the hydraulic lift platform specialized fixed-point production factory, the company's production equipment, detection means complete. Strong technical force. Please feel free to contact us.

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